A downloadable game for Windows

The neighbours are often annoyed by naughty cat Bobo.    One day they decide to get rid of him.


Little Bobo wakes up far away and all alone.    Will he find a way back home?



In this Metroidvania structured Jump'n'Run you will learn abilitys , like  jumping on enemys , melee attacks, ranged attacks, cat senses and much more.

This game is testet with:

- Keyboard Controls

- Xbox 360 Controller

- Xbox Series X Controller

- PS4 Controller

Other controllers might be incompatible with the Game Maker control scheme and result in mixed up controls .  

For more Original Soundtrack please visit :

    Bobo The Cat Youtube

If you need help watch this awesome 100% Walkthrough:

Here is the complete Playlist:


If you download the EXE version a blue poppup may come up saying the program will harm your computer. Press "More info" on the left then choose "Run anyway".

Windows does this with most EXE files by indie developers.


bobo-the-cat-win.zip 286 MB
Version 12 Oct 12, 2022
Bobo The Cat-install.exe 297 MB
Version 12 Oct 12, 2022